The Best Home Gym Dumbbells – Make an Informed Choice

Let’s start off with a couple of very interesting facts…

The initial idea of the dumbbell was introduced 2000 years ago. The ancient Greeks invented a piece of equipment known as the ‘Haltere’. This was a crescent shaped stone with a handle.

Another type of dumbbell was the ‘Nal’. This was invented by Indians. It was shaped as a club and was used for more than 1000 years. It was slightly longer than a dumbbell but shorter than a barbell. It allowed them to build impressive muscle size and strength.

Hope you enjoyed those facts. They may come in handy for future quizzes!

Right, enough of the general knowledge, let’s get into the nitty gritty. Today, I will be reviewing different types of dumbbells. For example, spinlock dumbbells, hex dumbbells, fixed weight dumbbells and adjustable dumbbells. We will be looking at the best home gym dumbbells that are perfect for you.

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Hex Dumbbells – Extreme Fitness

Where do I start with these powerhouses! I have these in my home workout repertoire. They are so well balanced and easy to use. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons…


  • Hexagon shape prevents rolling
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Great balance
  • Chrome contoured handles, for great grip
  • Easy to store – no mess
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Rubber coating can sometimes have an unpleasant odour.

Something that really stands out with these dumbbells is the lifetime warranty. Although they are very durable, the warranty offers piece of mind. Not only are they quality dumbbells but they are easy to clean and maintain and are very easy to store, which means they will not cause or add to clutter.

Another great advantage of these dumbbells is their convenience when performing exercises such as the close grip press (for the triceps). Due to their shape you can push them together and they will hold in that position, and you will not experience that unstable roll that you get with circular plates. This may be a small detail but it makes a big difference.

The only con is the smell of the rubber coating. However, this does disappear with time. Once this has gone, there are really no disadvantages to having these dumbbells.

My Rating: If you are a dumbbell fan, then I would highly recommend these. They are great in every way and will help you to have a fantastic workout.

Fixed Weight Dumbbells – DTX Fitness

Fixed weight dumbbells have a wide range of uses. They can be used whilst running on the treadmill, just to add that extra bit of resistance. They can be used to warm up before a weights’ session and they are a great addition to a circuit workout and/or an aerobics class. So, what other reasons are there for you to add them to your home gym tool kit? Let’s have a look…


  • Great design
  • No messing around with changing plates
  • Easy to store
  • Can be used for a variety of home DVD workouts
  • Most sets come with a stand or case
  • Great for shadow boxing.

There are not really any cons to having a fixed set of dumbbells. When I first started training, I purchased them for boxing and martial arts.

They helped me to develop my punching power and speed. These weights’ are for specific types of training, so you know exactly what you are getting when you acquire them. Hence, there are no surprises.

My Rating: Very convenient and tidy set of dumbbells to have. Great for speed and power training, and for adding resistance whilst on the treadmill. Definitely worth having in your home gym.

Adjustable Dumbbells – Athlyt and Powerblocks

These are the dumbbells of convenience, and boy are they space savers! Adjustable dumbbells usually go up in 2.5kg increments. More than often they will range from 2.5kg to 25kg. This is plenty of weight to last most trainers for a while. However, if you find you can surpass 25kg, you have the option to go for the 2.5kg to 32.5kg dumbbell. What are the pros and cons…


  • Save space
  • Easy to store
  • Change the weight with a simple turn of the dial
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Great to use as push up bars
  • Made from durable material, and so can cope a heavy workout.


  • Comes as a single dumbbell.

The only issue with this product is that it comes as a single dumbbell. However, if you were to buy a pair, they would last you for a lifetime. You just have to ensure you look after them, which is a very simple task.

I bought a pair 12 years ago, and they are still like brand new.

Although I now predominantly use kettlebells, when I first purchased them I used them at least 4 times per week, and completed intense sessions. This shows their durability.


Another type of adjustable dumbbells, are the Powerblocks. Let’s see what they offer us…


  • Save space
  • Easy to store
  • Change the weight by changing the pin
  • Weights can be added, with an expandable kit
  • Made from durable material, and so can cope with a heavy workout.


  • Not very aesthetically pleasing

Awesome bit of kit. Will store with ease and will save you a lot of space. Great thing about the Powerblocks, is that you can obtain an expansion kit, that allows extra weight to be added. Great feature if you are looking to lift that extra bit of weight.

My Rating: The convenience and durability of adjustable dumbbells make them an amazing addition to your home gym. If you are lacking in space, these are definitely for you.

This product is currently out of stock, please click this link for an alternative

This product is currently out of stock, please click this link for an alternative

This product is currently out of stock, please click this link for an alternative

Spinlock Dumbbells – York Fitness Cast Iron Dumbbells

These are the dumbbells I used when I first started training. I remember going to buy them… I was so excited at the prospect of having my own dumbbell set, and to be honest, they didn’t disappoint. To put it into perspective, I bought my first pair in 1998, and they are still knocking around 20 years later!. They are still in great condition. However, there a couple of cons. So, what do they offer us…


  • Very durable and hard wearing
  • Easy to assemble
  • Non-slip handles
  • Great value for money, as set includes 30kg of weight (8x 2.5kg, 4x 1.25kg, 2 bars and 4 spinlock collars).


  • Have to constantly change the weight (adding or removing plates)
  • Can be messy – spinlock collars can sometimes be misplaced. Can make surroundings look untidy as they are not fixed weights’
  • There are better options.

These are the dumbbells that came onto the market after the sand weights’ (remember them!).

My Rating: They are a great entry level dumbbell and can really assist you when you first start your training journey. However, there are better options out there, especially if you don’t want to spend a lot of your workout unscrewing and screwing the spinlocks, to add and/or remove weight.

All Heroes, No Villains

Each one of the above is justified to be in any home gym. They all offer something, in their own right. The ones that are right for you depends on a few of factors. Do you want to lift heavy? Are you lacking space? and /or do you have a specific goal?

If you want to lift heavy and are short on space, then adjustable or hex are the ones for you. If you want to practice shadow boxing, want to take part in a home workout DVD, add some resistance whilst running on your home treadmill, going full speed ahead on the elliptical, or even pedalling away on the stationary bike, then you should go for the fixed weight dumbbells.

There are no villains here, just heroes. Whichever one you choose, you will not be disappointed. You just have to be motivated and ensure you make the most out of the tools at your disposal. Remember, you can have the best kit in the world, but if you do not put the work in, those tools are useless.

So, they are my reviews of the best home gym dumbbells out there. I sincerely hope that I was able to give you some insight and direction into the right choice for you. Enjoy your dumbbells!

Thank you for visiting my site, and reading this article. I appreciate your time. If you have any questions, feedback or comments, please leave them below. I will definitely get back to you. As always, it has been a pleasure having you here.

4 thoughts on “The Best Home Gym Dumbbells – Make an Informed Choice”

  1. Hi Puneet

    I got a set of dumbbells that sat in a cupboard for 12 years, along with a book called ‘Smart Girls Do Dumbbells’. However, a couple of years ago I got them out and started using them and have never looked back! I never liked the gym, but get some good tunes on at home and I’m off. I feel stronger both physically AND emotionally and can’t recommend them highly enough – I only do 15 minutes a day and my body has been transformed.

    However, the dumbbells I got are the sort where you add the weights to the same dumbbells – the result has been that I stick with the same weight as I can’t be bothered with the faff of changing them lol. (Although sometimes I use 2 dumbbells in one hand if it’s a move that I find too easy with one.) I live in the smallest house you can imagine though so in a way they suit me and I can’t complain at the results.

    Looking forward to checking out more of your posts.



    • Hey Jean. Yes, dumbbells can be a great tool. If you are short of space, I can tell you from experience, the adjustable dumbbells are a great tool to include in your kit, and you can change the weight with a click of the dial. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Hey Puneet,
    Great review! Thanks!
    We have several types here at home. We have several sizes of fixed-weight dumbells for the treadmill, and some hex dumbells for weight resistant training.
    I follow a young couple, online, that have excellent training videos, and they use the Powerblocks. I haven’t purchased them yet, but I’m seriously considering them. It’s too bad the Canadian/US exchange is so bad right now, lol.
    Thanks again,


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