The Best Exercise Resistance Bands – The Right Ones For You

As you have seen in a previous post, there are many types of resistance bands, and they all have their own particular purpose. Each type of band has a place in the home workout setting, however, it can all get a bit confusing, as there are so many to choose from.

I know when I first set my sights on resistance bands, I was a bit overwhelmed as there was so much variety. But once I broke it down into what I needed them for, finding the best exercise resistance bands became a very easy process.

Today, I will make sure that you have all the information you need, in order to choose the best bands for you. We will look at what different bands have to offer and the purpose of that band. Let’s see what we have got…

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Resistance Bands – Fitbeast

You can do any type of workout program with this type of resistance band. They have an ultra strong design, in order to be put through heavy workouts. One band will only go so far and this is why you can double up i.e. add another band to the handles. For example, if the light band is becoming to easy to use, and the blue band (on its own) is also to easy to use, you can add them both together to get the right resistance. Let’s see what comes in a set…

  • 5 resistance tubes (10lbs to 30lbs)
  • 4 foam handles
  • 2 ankle straps
  • Door anchor
  • Exercise guide
  • A tote storage bag.

Many brands will only colour code, which makes it difficult to know which weight you are using. The Fitbeast design is labelled with the resistance weight, which makes it so much easier to use your desired resistance.


  • Great to use for rehabilitation
  • Can be used for any type of exercise and format – from bicep curls to lateral pulldowns
  • Easy to store
  • Bands are labelled with the resistance weight
  • Includes a professional guide poster, as well as a video tutorial
  • Great alternative to dumbbells and barbells.

Having used these bands for a very long time, I have found no cons. Not only have they helped me to come back from injury, but they have helped me to complete vigorous and intense home DVD programs, such as P90x.

My Rating: Fitbeast bands are probably the best resistance bands on the market. They are strong, sturdy and convenient. The set comes with everything you need for a fantastic workout.

Loop Resistance Bands – Gritin

These bands add a fantastic resistance to movements, such as squats, glute bridges, lunges and many more. This set includes 5 different bands of different tension. So, what do you get in this set:

  • 5 different resistance levels (colour coded) – light to x-heavy or light to xx-heavy
  • Free carrying bag
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Can extend to longer than normal length.


  • Can target specific areas
  • Great alternative to dumbbells and barbells
  • Great for rehabilitation
  • Easy to store
  • Includes a professional “how to use” guide.

These bands can help with rehab exercises. I use them to warm my rotator cuffs up before I start a weights’ session. There are specific exercises that I will perform before my sessions, and they can only be done with these bands.

Loop bands are perfect for targeting areas, such as the glutes, legs and rotator cuffs (shoulder stabilisers). They will give you enough resistance to obtain fantastic results.

My Rating: So small, so unassuming but what an amazing invention. These bands are needed in every home, as they are a great addition to any workout.



These are known as the bands used by physiotherapists, to aid rehabilitation. They are an excellent tool to have in your locker. Let’s see what they offer us:


  • They help to improve range of motion
  • Help you improve coordination
  • Come in long lengths, and so can be cut to size
  • Come in 3 resistance levels – medium, heavy and extra heavy
  • Great space saver

I am a fan of therabands as they are so versatile and progressive. They do not come with handles, however this is not necessarily a disadvantage, as you can tie a loop in them, which gives you a handle.

My shoulder rehabilitation started with therabands, and that’s why I hold them in high regard. I still use them for specific movements. As mentioned above, they come in rolls, so can be cut to size, depending on what you want to use them for.

My Rating: Just to put it into perspective, without these rolls of magic, I would have not got through my initial shoulder rehabilitation. Thank you therabands.


Pull-Up Assist Resistance Bands – Core Gain

These bad boys definitely pack a punch! You could say that they are the daddy of resistance bands! You can use them to perform squats, rows, presses, etc. However, I found that the best use for them is to help you improve you pull/chin-ups.


Unlike traditional resistance bands, they are designed and used to hold body weight. I have a number of these at my disposal.

Pull-ups are one of my favourite exercises. Just because of the amazing results you can achieve by performing them and the multiple muscles groups that are engaged whilst performing them.

They will help you to ensure your form is correct when practicing pull/chin-ups. Then eventually, you will become strong enough to do a pull/chin-up without any assistance.

My Rating: If you want any assistance with mastering pull/chin-ups, then ensure you have these bands in your exercise repertoire. Remember that you can also perform many more push-pull exercise. Definitely not a one trick pony. They are a must!


The Right One For You

After reading the above, I hope you have sufficient information, so that you are able to choose the right resistance band for the right exercise program. I can honestly say that I believe all the above come under “the best exercise resistance bands”.

The fact that they have multiple uses, make them an indispensable workout tool. Just to re-iterate, they can be used to build muscle, tone up, increase fitness and to help with rehabilitation after an injury. You can even use them you improve your push ups and pull ups!

One of the main reasons I make this recommendation is that I can say from personal experience, that they have no disadvantages. Like with anything, you must look after them, and ensure you use them correctly. If you do this, there is no reason that they will not last you many many years.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope that it was both informative and helpful. If you have any questions, comments and /or feedback, please feel free to publish them below. As always, it has been a pleasure having you here. Have a great day and enjoy your bands!

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  1. Love you post and recommendations. I have been a committed gym goer for over 20 years, consistently going to a gym 6x per week. I really never thought I could enjoy working out from home and getting a good workout without the right equipment. Well during this Covid 19 pandemic, we were left with no other option and I have become grateful for the experience because I have started to really enjoy working out in the comfort of my own home. I save so much time and money! I have already invested in some bands, and I have the pull-up resistant bands and the look bands and they WORK!! Crazy how a simple band can add so much quality and effectiveness to your workouts.

    I think this is a great opportunity for those who have never found time to go to the gym due to busy lives, to starts taking even 30 min a day at home to work out and stay healthy. 

    Great post and great website!

    • Hey Cynthia. Thank you for the great comments. Yes, it is definitely a pleasure that’s lot of people have discovered. You stay safe and keep well. 

  2. Great article on resistance bands. I have been into working out for many years and I have spent a great majority of that time training at home. Any one of these resistance bands are all great for working out at home. Another advantage I like with resistance bands is you can take them along on your vacation trips, if you are into keeping up with your physical fitness training when you are away from home.

    You have a nice variety of bands displayed in your article. The resistance bands that I would get the most use out of personally are the pull-up assist resistance bands because these heavy duty bands are handy for the type of weight-training I do which requires a lot of pull-ups.

    Thanks for sharing this great information.

    • You are more than welcome Neil. I totally agree about the versatility of resistance bands. And yes, taking them with you is definitely an advantage. Thank you for your comment. 

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  4. so thoughtful of you to put up such an awesome review on the best exercise resistance bands to use for exercising from the comfort of your home,,, I must say that I love your post and your accommodation , these exercising bands are pretty very cheap and could help you keep up with your daily routine exercise…

    thanks for sharing such a lovely review I look forward to promoting it on my blog

    • Hey. Thank you for the comment and feedback. It is a pleasure to be able to pass on my experience to those that may benefit. Have a lovely day. 

  5. Hey nice product you have there. I was researching online on quality resistance band to have an effective home exercise, I was directed to this article, having gone through the specifications of various bands highlighted in this article, I am impressed with the their various functions I must say. Nevertheless, I found Fitbeast suitable for me since it can be used as an alternative to dumbbells and barbells

    • Yes, they are excellent quality bands. I am very happy, I could help you make the choice. Have a great day. 

  6. Wow- great information! I enjoy going to a gym but just don’t have the time (closest is a 30 minute drive each way) so I’ve invested in bands and dumbells. The bands I had just didn’t quite work for me (this was about 5 years ago) so I gave them to a friend who has made them work for her. 

    After reading your article, I’m thinking I might give them another chance. Maybe the type I had was the problem? I’ve bookmarked your article to come back to so I can find a quality set of bands. Maybe all is not lost!

    Is there any other type of home equipment you can recommend? I’m in the “over 50” age group but share my equipment with my older teens.

    • Hey Diane. I am really happy that my research has helped you. What makes me happier is that you are considering a return to bands. I would definitely assess your goals, get a good program together and then purchase the bands. 

      The Fitbeast bands are a great set for all round routines, so I would definitely suggest having a closer look at these. I would highly recommend a good set of dumbbells or kettlebells.

      For the teens, bands are an ideal starting point as they will not interfere with growth but will give them a great workout. Have a read of my articles, as they will point you in the right direction.

      I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor, so if you need help putting a plan together, let me know 🙂

  7. Hi Puneet

    Thank you for your informative article on resistance bands. I now understand why they are so popular and being used by so many individuals to stay fit.

    I haven’t considered using one in my fitness work out but may have to reconsider as they seem so useful.

    I hear only positive feedback from family and friends that have and are using them at the moment.

    Thank you 

    Regards, Bernardo 

    • Hey Bernardo. Honestly, my friend, they are an amazing tool! I have had such great results from them. I have used them for over a decade and I am still discovering new ways to use them. Thank you for your comment. If you need anymore assistance, please contact me.

  8. I learned about this upon the recommendation of a friend who is a licensed physical therapist. We’re doing something with my body because of my current problem with my left hip flexor muscles, and he prescribed buying this online. Although the colors are a bit confusing and their uses, I will strive hard to learn all those in the set. He said, he’s a normal person but he uses these just for fitness only but can be used for therapy. Perhaps, his constant monitoring with me will help. 

    • hey Gomer. Yes the colours can be confusing. that is why I recommended Fitbeast bands. As well as the colours, they display the weight on the band itself. I hope your recovery goes well.

  9. Nice review on The Best Exercise Resistance Bands. I’ve used many resistance bands, usually for enhancing my stretching and mobility routines, but I’ve never owned a set of my own. The gyms are now closed because of the coronavirus pandemic, so I’ve been training from home.Pull-Up Assist Resistance Bands – Core Gain
    seem to be higher quality than others bands I’ve owned which tend to stretch and eventually break Thank you for this article.

    • Hey. Yes, they are quality bands. They not only provide great resistance but they will last for a very very long time. Thank you for your comment.

  10. Hello there, This is an amazing article that you have got here. The fitbeast resistance band is super cool for good arms work out, The process pulling adds an immeasurable amount of weight to the muscles. Although  a little bit strainous, it is a very effective workout to undertake. I would like to try the loop resistance band.

    Thanks for sharing this great til with me.

    • Hey Stevie. You are more than welcome. I’m happy my research helped you. Just make sure you use the correct band for your level of fitness. Start off slowly, and your gains will come. Thank you for the comment.


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