Push ups at Home – Choose the Right Equipment

We have previously discussed different types of push ups and their benefits. Push ups can help us to build strong chests, as well as many other muscles. Whilst a push up can be performed anywhere, sometimes they can play havoc with our bodies, especially the wrists.

I have had a wrist injury due to performing push ups in the past. And I can tell you that it was not pleasant. However, push ups have always been, and will always continue to be one of the best development exercises you can do. You just have to ensure you do not neglect the strength of “little” body parts, like the wrists.

This is why it is ideal to start of with either wall pushes, or modified knee push ups. They will not only help you with the technical side of the movement but they will allow you to build your wrist strength. Remember that your wrists are like any other joint or muscle. They need to be strengthened slowly and methodically.

I will help you to choose some equipment that will not only help you to perform push ups at home, but will also aid in making them harder. This is of course once you have mastered the technique. I’m excited about this!

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Ray in Blue 9 in 1 Push Up Rack

What an innovation! For those of you that have wrist issues and/or are new to push ups, this rack is an amazing piece of equipment. It is so simple to use. All you have to do is decide which part of the body you want to work with your push ups and then just place the handles in the correct position. Let’s look at what it offers us…


  • Portable
  • Great for those with wrist problems
  • Premium cushioned non-slip hand grips
  • Works multiple muscle groups
  • Is labelled so user knows the exact position to place hand grips
  • Great for anyone new to push ups
  • Colour coded for ease of use
  • Can handle 80kg plus.

Whilst researching these, I tried to find cons but they really are a close to perfect piece of kit. You can take them anywhere you go and they save you from having to download clips from you tube. The fact that they are colour coded and show you exactly where to place the hand grips, make this rack one for the advanced, but DEFINITELY one for the newbies.

My Rating: Nothing negative to say about the push up rack. You will find yourself increasing your push up reps in no time with this item.

Winline Push up Handles

These are the classic push up handles that have been around for years. Unfortunately, I have had many pairs that have not fit the bill! It is all to easy to purchase that first pair you find. Luckily for you, I have found the perfect pair. Let’s see what we have…


  • Stainless steel tube, for durability
  • Strong and wider base with anti-slide design (perfect for most floors)
  • Lightweight – ease to store and carry
  • Takes the pressure of your wrists
  • Takes a weight of up to 200kg.


  • Should not be used on laminate and other slippery floors
  • Instructions come in Chinese

These push up handles have an impressive design and are made from very durable materials, which means they will last a long time. The 2 cons that we have should definitely be taken with a pinch of salt. For example, you can get around the floor problem by using the carpet, or a non-slip floor.

The instructions are a minor issue. Let’s be honest…most people can use push up bars without an instruction manual. However, if you do require instructions, then I am sure you can contact the manufacturer.

One of the most impressive factors about these handles is the weight that they can bare. Coping with a 200kg load is very impressive. So, as aforementioned this just shows how tough they are.

My Rating: Great classic push up bars. No frills but made from top quality and durable material, that is built to last.

Songmics Steel Push up Bars

If you have are looking for a budget pair of push up bars, then look no further. These bars are quality and at a very low price. They are sturdy and have a non-skid base, which makes them safe to use on any floor. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons…


  • Super durable
  • Anti-skid and floor friendly
  • Great price
  • Easy to assemble and store
  • Take the pressure off your wrists.

For what you are getting for the price, these push up bars have no cons. You could argue that they take less of a weight load than other options, however, price wise you can not really go wrong with these.

My Rating: A good pair of bars, for a great price. However, if you are over 100kg, then option 1 may suit you better.

Surreal Weighted Vest

Now you may think that this is a strange item to review in the midst of push up bars. However, the reason that I have included this vest is because of its convenience and practicality when you have mastered the bodyweight push up.

Typically, once you are able to complete 30 push ups, you will logically increase your reps but what if you want to keep your reps the same but want to increase the load. You can either strap a weight plate to your back (not recommended), or you can add a weighted vest to your growing home kit! So, I can hear you saying, why do I want a weighted vest? Let’s answer that question…


  • Increase strength without having to hold a weight
  • One size fits all
  • Can also be used for pull ups
  • Can be used on the treadmill
  • Weight ranges from 5 – 30kg
  • Evenly distributed weights
  • Easily removable sandbags
  • Does not decrease mobility – just like wearing a piece of clothing (just a little heavier).

Now, I can list endless advantages of including this vest in your box of tricks but I think I have given you enough of a reason to feel intrigued by this wonderful piece of kit.

My Rating: Anyone wishing to push their training to the next level will definitely thrive by adding ta weighted vest to their repertoire. It is a Jack of all trades, so to speak, as you can use it across multiple platforms of training.

This product is currently only available in 20kg. If you would like an alternative, please click on this link


Overall Findings

As with all my previous reviews, I have carefully researched the items that will give you the best results for a great price. The above equipment will fit into any home workout routine, as they all provide great quality and will aid you in developing your health and fitness.

The Ray in Blue is a great innovative idea. If your goal is to improve your physique via the push up, then add this to your home gym. As it is colour coded and labelled with specific body parts, you are literally shown where to place the handles in order to work those body parts.

The Winline and Songmics push up bars are very similar. The major difference between the 2 is the weight load that they can take. The Winline can take a weight of up to 200kgs. This is why it is slightly more expensive. However, if you weigh less thank this the budget songmics will be for you. Regardless of which one you choose, you will be adding a superior product to your range.

Finally, the Surreal Weighted Vest. A great accessory to use for multiple exercises. Wearing this when you perform push ups, will exponentially increase your muscle growth and strength. A fantastic bit of kit, that you can add and detract weight from. This will be with you for a lifetime.

Enjoy your push ups guys and remember technique first, speed later. Performing push ups with the correct technique will save you from injury and allow you benefit from this great exercise. Adhere to this advice and you will be doing one armed push ups in no time!

Thank you for reading this article. Your feedback, comments and questions are always welcome. I would love to hear from you. I hope that I have given you all the tools you need to perform push ups in the right way. If there is anything you would like to know then please drop a comment below. As always, it has been an absolute pleasure having you hear.

16 thoughts on “Push ups at Home – Choose the Right Equipment”

  1. Thanks for the great post about equipment for push ups.  I find them a struggle at the best of times, but need to get fit and thought I would do a bit of research and landed on your post.

    Looking at the different bits you mentioned, I think I will get myself the Ray in Blue 9-in-1 kit.  Seems to have everything that I would need.

    thanks again

    • Hey John. Yes, the Ray in Blue is a great innovation. It will definitely help you to improve your push ups, as well as strengthen your body. Thank you for your comment and good luck.

  2. Hi there Puneet

    I sustained wrist injury some time ago, so long ago in fact that I don’t remember when it happened or how. I just remember having it. My wife and I recently started training again after some years. We had to stop for safety reasons but can’t wait to go back to the gym.

    I always knew pushups were an important component of training but I often overlook them. I think I should change this. The combination of any of the push-up bars with the Surreal weighted vest sounds like a pretty good combo to really blast those muscles, especially the chest! I’m getting excited thinking about it.

    Very informative post and thank you for the advice.

    Solomon & Selina

    • Hey. Yes push ups will help you increase strength and muscle tone. They are a wonderful exercise, when performed correctly. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Exactly the information I needed to see right now. I’m about to head back to college and would like to start working out again there. Unfortunately, I sincerely doubt that they’ll be able to keep the gyms clean, and my campus is going to be a literal breeding ground for COVID-19. I’m definitely going to be working out from my apartment.

    I’ve actually struggled with push ups my entire life due to my ridiculously small wrist to body proportions, but I know how beneficial they are. I’m hoping that the proper equipment will help me reduce the stress on my joints there. I’m loving your review of the 9 in 1. Extra bang for your buck and helpful to those with my issues. Thank you!

    • Hey, yes push ups are an amazing exercise. Definitely try the modified versions, as they will help build your wrist strength. The 9 in 1 is an amazing innovation and definitely helps build all round upper body strength. Thank you for your comment and good luck with college.

  4. After reading this post I feel inspired to get moving at home. I’ve been very discouraged since the gyms closed and I’ve allowed myself to get a bit lazy at home. As I was reading I realized that I could buy some inexpensive and rather small equipment that I can use to make my house feel more like a gym. Thanks for this article!

    • Hey Cheryl. People have a common misconception that home exercise equipment is really expensive. However, not only can it be inexpensive, it is a worthwhile investment. Starting off, you only need a few resistance bands and a push up bar. Minimum equipment can get you great results. I am very happy that my article inspired you. I have inserted the link for my resistance band review, for your convenience – The Best Exercise Resistance Bands – The Right Ones For You.

  5.  Hello Puneet, 

    I am not one who goes to the gym or has a bunch of equipment at home. I try to stay fit by using exercises that use your own body weight. 

    The thing is I have done thousands of push ups. always the same way. I am really interested in the 9 in 1 push up rack! I had no idea you could develop different muscles just by changing the position of you hands. 

    This is amazing and I am going to try this out!

    Thanks man!

    • Hey man. Yes, varied hand position will allow you to target different upper body parts. For example, placing hands closer together will target the triceps more so than if your hands were wide apart. Let me know how it works out for you!

  6. Hi Puneet, I am now 50 and have had a lifetime of doing push ups. However, I am at that age where my wrists are not what they used to be and I suffer doing normal push ups. I have to admit I thought the push up bars were there to make it harder so I have never thought of using them. Your Post has made me realise they actually help your wrists. I shall definitely be getting myself a set. However WAIT !!! I have now discovered the push up rack !!! This is new to me too and helps in different areas so I’m a bit confused which is best. Can you advise which would be best for me?

    • Hey David. Bodyweight exercise is the ultimate test of strength. Pull ups, push ups, planks are all amazing to build up natural strength. The push up rack is something I discovered during my research. I would definitley give that a try mate. It is fantastic for all upper body parts. Just ensure that you follow the instructions. Let me know if you need any more help.

  7. I know exactly what you are talking about! Many years ago in another life I broadsided a Volvo while driving my motorcycle. Needless to say there were some injuries. One of those was that it broke my radius and ulna in my right arm down by the wrist and I cannot straighten that arm like the other. So, when doing pullups, especially it put more pressure on the arm than it should.

    As far as pushups go, I have a set of the raised thingys in your top picture and they are great because you can angle them to more comfortably do pushups. That’s important, because like you stress, form and technique is very important for safety and exercising the right muscle groups.

    I’m not afraid when I haven’t exercised in a long time to start out with doing pushups on a wall or a bench and working my way to a horizontal pushup. Even then, I start by using my knees so I can build up strength in my lower back gradually and not hurt myself. 

    You have motivated me to get back into it again, thanks!

    • Hey Les. Makes my day to hear that you have been motivated by my article, as that is what I am here to do. Getting back to training after any kind of injury is difficult. Yes, go slowly and build up your strength. Thanks for the comment.

  8. Wow! I really like that Ray in Blue model. I have never seen that before and I like the various positions for the handles. I wish I had seen this before I made my initial purchase of handles similar to the Winline, which I am not happy with. I am probably going to buy this regardless of what I already have. How is the bottom of the Ray in Blue? Does it have a non-slip base?

    • Hey Robert. Yes, this model is such an innovative design. The handles are non-slip. The base is non-slip, as the pressure you compile whilst performing the push up, means that it will stay in place. Let me know if you need any more help.


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