Home Exercising During Covid 19 – Get in Shape

What shape were you in before the Covid-19 pandemic began? Were you in below average shape, average shape, good shape, or great shape? Although the world is facing a tumultuous time, with all that is currently occurring, we need to try to focus on the positives. One of these positives is exercising at home. Positive behaviour is the only way that we are going to come out of this situation.

It is human nature to panic when adversity hits. We will respond with the cliched fight or flight response. Some of us will panic and run, which will lead others to do the same.

Some of us will face the situation head on, and try to find solutions, instead of panicking. If more of us did this and used common sense, further mistakes will not be made. Home exercising is something that has, and will continue to bring the nation together.

This is definitely a time to look after our bodies and make them stronger and fitter. We have to ensure we give ourselves every chance of fighting any possible infection, and home exercising during Covid-19 is the way to do it. Let’s GET IN SHAPE!

How does Home Exercising Help With Covid-19?

In a nutshell, exercising will help pass the time and help you to feel better mentally and physically. However, this is a question that can only really be answered when you start exercising.

During the lockdown situation, it is easy to get bored and overthink things. There are many people that are dealing with mental health issues. People feel claustrophobic being stuck inside. That’s why it is imperative that we occupy our minds with something like exercise. It will not only help you to improve physically, but will release hormones that will improve your mental state.

The obvious effects of exercising regularly are the health benefits. During this unprecedented time, we need to ensure our immune systems are as strong as possible. Exercising at home will help us to boost our immune systems, which in turn will help us to fight the coronavirus, and/or any symptoms.

The Choice is Made

With gyms and health clubs closing, the choice of exercising at home has been made for us. Research shows that people are really enjoying working out at home. They are finding the pros outweigh the cons. Even avid gym users are finding numerous advantages of training at home.

No more waiting in queues…no more showering in dirty showers, and no more cleaning someone else’ sweat off machines. Even though a lot of people miss their gym time, the current situation has forced our hands. Now we need to make the best out of a testing situation.

What Does it For You?

What type of exercise excites you? Is it a run? Maybe a weight’s session? Whatever it is, you must find some enjoyment whilst doing it. Find something that gets your adrenaline pumping, something that you can do within your four walls.

Try something different. Go down a fitness road that has previously eluded you. Something that you haven’t tried. For example, yoga. The immune boosting effects alone are out of this world. If you are into your weight lifting, and have never graced a yoga mat, try it. I guarantee you will love it. Think you are strong, grab a beginners DVD, and (carefully) put yourself through a yoga session. Let’s see how flexible you really are!

If you are worried about performing yoga with the correct technique, then there are plenty of beginner DVD’s to help you with the basics. You could consult a qualified online instructor. There are plenty out there.

Time to Put it into Practice

If your goal is to increase fitness and lose weight, then purchase a DVD. There are so many options for you. Most fitness DVD’s are very easy to follow.

If you want to put on muscle, then you have the options to purchase weight’s, multi gyms, kettlebells, benches and a lot more.

If flexibility, fitness and strength are things you want to improve, then yoga is a great choice.

Now you have chosen your goal. You know exactly what you want to do. It’s time to put it all into practice and begin your lockdown journey. I’m sure many of you have already started, but if you haven’t, there’s no better time. If you do not put this all into practice, you will look back and think of a missed opportunity.

Putting a Program Together

If you are unfamiliar with exercise, you may find it difficult to put a suitable program together. However, fear not, as there is always a solution. As aforementioned, there are steps you must follow in order to make the right choice for you. The great thing about the current situation, is that you have the time to find the right avenue for your goal.

The DVD route is probably the easiest for beginners. When purchasing a DVD, the routine has already been choreographed for you. This means that there is no planning for you to do. Just pick your program, and play it.

When putting a resistance program together, you MUST ensure that you do not over do it. Pick your equipment carefully, and then perform a suitable beginners program (depending on your fitness level).

Don’t Let Covid-19 Win – Beat it with Exercising From Home

It will take a mammoth collective effort to beat this virus, however, it is possible. Not only do we have to omit as much positive energy as is humanly possible but we have to ensure our bodies are as strong as they can be. I am not just talking about superficial muscles.

We have to ensure that everything from our blood vessels to our organs are as healthy as possible. Turn home exercise into a weapon of defence against the coronavirus. Make your health, and the health of your family, your number one priority. Get into the best shape of your life. Go online, pick your fitness equipment and accessories and power through this difficult time.

Thank you for reading this post.

If you have any questions, or would like to provide any feedback, please feel free to do so below. It is always a pleasure to have you here.

10 thoughts on “Home Exercising During Covid 19 – Get in Shape”

  1. I was a regular gym person before Covid 19. I would just jump up early in the morning, drive for about 5 minutes and do my workout with weights and bars with my coach. When things changed I found myself at home, wanting to exercise but having no equipment, and no regular accountability, I hardly did anything. When I turned on to youtube, and did a few sessions, and went for walks in my area, I began to feel better. I guess that helps, but I am looking forward to getting back out there and pumping some iron. Thanks for the encouragement.

    • Yes, it is all about preference. I had some great gym sessions but I realised it wasn’t for me and hence I am a massive advocate for home training. Good luck with your training.

  2. It’s really hard to stay in shape in these dark times! Thank you for still motivating people to keep moving. We, humans are are meant to be on the move.

    I have heard that you can still get home gym equipment from distributors and also apps that can give you guided workout routines. Would love to see a round up on that! 🙂

  3. Nice website design the way better than mine. You are right we have to think more positive than negative and have to do more exercise at home to relax, to improve your health.Stay in shape! Thank for sharing this useful information to let me know.

  4. Hey nice interesting article you have there. Since the outbreak if Covid 19 that led to the closure of gymnasium has made home exercising to be the best alternative. I love your recommendation on Fitness DVD, it will really act as a perfect coach during this period as it can easily be revised, paused and repeated for a better understanding of any particular exercise

  5. Hello!

    Somehow COVID 19 gave us the leeway to do so many things except for wandering into places. Exercising is the first thing that pops in our minds when thinking of doing something worth for our health. Thank You for the tips and i’ll make this happen on my everyday routine.

    All the best!



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