Getting Through Lockdown – Adapting your Exercise Routine

It’s been almost 6 months since we had lockdown in the UK. I feel it could have gone either way for my family and I. The government left nearly 3 million people without help and we fell in with those excluded. However, we didn’t dwell on it, we just tried to think of ways to combat it. Everyone was going through a hard time, but the ones that would come out OK, were the ones that tried to shed some positive light on what was a horrific situation.

Luckily, my wife and I are very positive and optimistic people, so we took the positive road. During lockdown, we had to ensure our children were kept busy. This was made much easier by the fact that we have such wonderful children. You may think I am biased but I am also an honest person so if my kids were not well-behaved I would not state otherwise. They kept us going as much as we kept them going. It was truly a family effort.

As you guys know, I workout at home. Just the pure convenience is enough for me to never join a gym again. Lockdown just reiterated my choice. There were so may people out there that struggled, due to gyms being shut down. This is one of the reasons I developed this site. Not only to show you that there is a world beyond gyms, but to also show you that if you couldn’t get to a gym, there is always an option.

Training at Home During Lockdown

Coming back from a back injury, I wanted to ensure that I kept up with my progress during the lockdown phase. Exercising at home allowed me to do this. As the kids were not going to school, I had the added bonus of not having to contend with school runs. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t want the schools to close, however the safety of my kids was first and foremost. Having no school runs just meant I had more time in the day to fit my training in.

I have gone from strength to strength during lockdown. I am stronger, leaner, more muscular, fitter and healthier. My nutrition is organised in a much more efficient and effective manner. Not only that but I have been able to devise a programme to fit in my pre workout drills, which involves the use of massage rollers and resistance bands. Previously, I was always rushing due to having to juggle so many things.

My primary piece of kit are kettlebells. Using these marvels allows your body to use muscles it just doesn’t incorporate when using dumbbells. They bring so much more stability to your whole body. I train one side of the body at a time, as I feel this incorporates all the muscles on that side, which reveals any instabilities you may have. The unilateral movements allow these instabilities to get fixed over time. The key is dedication, determination, discipline and patience. They will work for you, as long as you give them adequate time.

How the Children Adapted

As aforementioned, my children are amazing. They adapted to the COVID-19 situation with a maturity, lacked by most adults. The time that we all spent together was invaluable and we all grew closer as a family. This just reiterated how important it is to enjoy the time you have got with family.

My kids know all about being fit and healthy. Whilst they were at school, they were unable to watch me train at home. However, during lockdown, not only have they watched me but they have joined in with me. From start to finish, they know my routine. They now have knowledge about the importance of warming up properly, as well as knowing what a kettlebell does for your body.

At the end of my resistance routine, I perform a 20 minute HIIT routine. Performing cardiovascular exercise after a weights’ session, is a great way to keep lean. My children did not get involved in the weights’ side of the routine, however they were more than keen to get involved in the HIIT aspect of it.

The routine consisted of sprints, burpees, star jumps, planks, push ups and leg raises. Over the first few weeks, they would watch me carefully and then gradually they asked to join me. I was more than happy to allow them too. Not only did they excel but they thoroughly enjoyed it. My 6 year old has always watched me train and joined in on occasion, especially when I perform Insanity, and my 3 year old has always been very active. They both love to dance, which in itself is a fantastic form of fitness.

The enthusiasm that they showed throughout the whole lockdown process was truly admirable. I write this 1 day before my 6 year old goes back to school. She is so excited to see all her friends again, however, she says she will miss exercising with her daddy. I told her, we can fix that. You can just get up at 5am and train with me. She says, no thanks, I will catch up with it later! What a smart kid!

Keep up the Momentum

If you have had a similar experience during lockdown, and you have extracted the positive aspects, instead of focusing on the negativity surrounding us all, make sure you keep the momentum going. As I discussed in a previous article, the mental aspect of exercising is THE most important. Unfortunately, especially during the lockdown period, every time we put the television on, we are bombarded with a barrage of negativity.

The media seem to think that the answer to this pandemic is to scare people so that negative energy circulates. Whereas nothing could be further from the truth. Even if they shared two feel good stories, peoples’ mindset would surely change. It’s amazing what one positive thought can do for a nation. The population of the UK is approx 64.8 million. Now can you imagine if even half of us had one positive thought at the same time in the day. The results would be phenomenal!

As possible as this is, it is highly unlikely due to the influence of the media. However, I am an eternal optimist, and so believe that anything can happen. As I was saying, it is of utmost importance that you keep your momentum going. If you have got into exercising at home, be sure to focus on both mental and physical training.

It is always difficult to get into something new. Lockdown provided me to really hone in on my routine and this is something I will expand on. You guys need to do the same because falling out of your new routine will only be detrimental to your all round fitness.

You were provided with an opportunity to really focus on your health. Although there were a lot of people that went the other way. They chose to eat unhealthily and not exercise at all. They let their minds suffer by buying in to all the media propaganda. Of course, people have lost their lives, but many people have also survived and prospered.

Be a Role Model

Be a great role model to your children by showing them that positive outcomes can come out of negative situations. Many gyms are still closed and so people still do not have the choice to use a gym. There are people that will always prefer to workout at gyms, and that is an individual decision, but if you have built up the momentum of training at home, do not lose it.

To all my amazing readers…have faith in yourself guys. We are going through a very testing time, and many of us are facing mental and physical issues, due to losing jobs, not being looked after by the government or being isolated. However, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. One of them is exercising the brain and the body. Use this time to read books that will help you think positively, and exercise to maintain physical fitness. You will come out on top!

Thank you for taking the time out to read this article. I always try to provide you all with real articles, based on my experience and knowledge. If you have any comments, feed back and/or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me below. Have an amazing day, and as always, it has been a pleasure having you here.

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