Exercising for the Mind – Let Books be Your Guide – Part 2

In part 2, we will discuss 4 more record breaking authors. These inspirational teachers continue to inspire millions, all across the globe. Their teachings have allowed people to experience the true meaning of positive emotions, such as Love, Joy and Appreciation. Let’s carry on where we left off…

Esther and Jerry Hicks – The Teachings of Abraham Hicks

These two powerhouses of the spiritual world, literally have an answer for everything. Well, at least Abraham does. Abraham speaks through Esther Hicks. If you haven’t come across it before, it can be overwhelming. But let me tell you that, once you hear them speak, you will be totally mesmerised. Abraham describes themselves as:

“a group consciousness, from the non-physical dimension”.

This probably confuses you more, if you haven’t heard their teachings, but all is made clear in the book I that am about to review.

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Ask and it is Given

This book opened up another world for me. I have been on an amazing spiritual journey for the past 10 years but I only recently came across this. I have followed the teachings of Abraham Hicks for a while now, but this book has been around for a long time.

I always believe that things appear in your life when the time is right for you. As all the spiritual masters say “the teacher will appear, when the student is ready”. And this is what happened to me.

“Ask and it Shall be Given”, gives you 22 different powerful processes to achieve your goals. The great thing is, you don’t have to do them all. You pick the one that is right for you at the time. You are taught to listen to your inner guide and to put all negativity behind you.

You are given tools to manifest your desires. Many of us ask for things in our lives, but they seldom appear. This is because our vibrations (energy we are putting out to the Universe), do not match our desires. For example, if you want a new job. On one hand you are asking for a new job, but on the other hand, you are fearing that you won’t get one. This contradiction means that you are sending out mixed messages to the powers that be.

This book will teach you about the law of attraction, and how to correctly harness it’s unbelievable power. The teachings of Abraham break it down so simply, that the 22 processes are easy to follow. They are also thoroughly enjoyable and exciting too. Apply the teachings and you will manifest desires beyond your wildest dreams.

My Rating: One of the best books that I have ever read. I haven’t had it for long but I have already read it twice. I can honestly say that I will read it over and over again. This will be a book that is with me for the foreseeable future.

Gabrielle Bernstein – The Next Generation

Gabrielle Bernstein is a world renowned spiritual bad ass! She has taken the spiritual world by storm with her highly enthusiastic energy and fantastic take on the world of positivity and motivation. Wayne Dyer wrote the foreword in one of her books, before the passed. She sent him a piece of her work, before she published it and he wrote back to her stating that she was going to be amazing. Then during one of his talks, he called her out and told his audience that she was going to work miracles in this field.

You cannot get a better endorsement than that! She has gone from strength to strength, as one of a new generation of motivational speakers. Her story is remarkable, from where she came from to where she is today. Her method of writing captures you and makes you want to delve into her works further. I have read/listened to 3 of her books and they all gave me different perspectives on how to enhance my spiritual growth. Let’s begin with her best work.

The Universe Has Your Back

This was the first of Gabrielle Bernstein’s book, that I read. I thought it was absolutely exquisite, in the way it was put together. There were so many exercises throughout the chapters. These kept you engaged and wanting to keep reading.

In the book, she talks about her childhood and how she had to face certain fears to get to where she is now. Her determined attitude stemmed from addictions, that she openly discusses. Many of her readers will be able to relate to her inspirational story.

What stuck out for me is when she talks about signs. I put this into practice and it worked for me almost instantly. Since then, I have called upon my universal sign on numerous occasions. It has always appeared when I needed it the most. There is so much to learn from this book and it must be read a few times to really grasp some of it’s concepts.

My Rating: A great book. I have listened to an audio version of this book on numerous occasions. Each time I have listened, I have undoubtedly learned something new.



Super Attractor


Super Attractor is Gabrielle Bernstein’s latest piece of literature. The book explains how to get into that ‘Super Attractor’ mode. Her teachings show you how to live in a world without fear, and how to embrace Love and Joy.

In this book Gabrielle attempts to show you how to manifest a life that is beyond your wildest dreams. As with her other literature, she does a fantastic job. She will show you how to do less and attract more, to relax and trust what you desire is on it’s way, to know that spiritual guidance is available to you at all times and to feel a sense of awe each day as you witness miracles unfold.

Gabby places emphasis on the importance of becoming a Super Attractor, as she states it will literally change your life. My experience whilst reading this text was very good. It was a great sequel to ‘The Universe Has Your Back’, and provided a natural progression for myself. The way Gabby breaks the Super Attractor manifestation into sections, makes it easy for anyone to follow.

My Rating: I felt i got a lot more out of ‘The Universe Has Your Back’, however, this is taking nothing away from this book. It is a fantastic read, and anyone that wants to attract abundance into their lives, will definitely find the tools to do so with this read.

May Cause Miracles

i listened to May Cause Miracles when I was a delivery driver. My day was quite long, so I needed something to motivate me whilst on my route. I had heard a lot about this book so I thought I needed to give it a try. Gabrielle talks about all aspects of our lives, and how subtle shifts can lead to miraculous changes.

This book is based around 40 days of shifting your mentality. They are small shifts, that are achievable. During these 40 days, she gives you task to complete, which in turn allow you to complete these daily shifts successfully. Whether it be finances, love or depression, you feel it working virtually straight away.

When I started listening to this, I didn’t think I had the patience, however, day by day, shift by shift, I started to notice things around me changing. I am a very positive person, but it made me realise that I still had a lot of work to do. My life attracted more abundance into it. Believe me, when I say that the shifts I was making were not enormous, they were tiny, but putting them all together after 40 days made me realise how far I had come and the work I had actually put in.

By the time I got to the end of May Cause Miracles, my life had change. I was appreciating more around me and I was n’t chasing shadows. As long as you are dedicated and disciplined in following the teachings of this book, it will work for you.

My Rating: One of Gabrielle Bernstein’s best books. If her other books have helped you in any way, and you enjoyed reading them, then I would definitely recommend this piece of her work. Believe in what you are doing, and miracles WILL occur.

Louise Hay – One of the Original Spiritual Gurus

Louise Hay was the founder of the world renowned publishing company, Hay House. This company is known for it’s amazing service to the spiritual text universe. Wayne Dyer, Gabrielle Bernstein and many others are published by Hay House.

Louise Hay passed recently. She was an inspirational teacher, selling more the 50 million books, worldwide. For over 30 years, she gave us all an insight into her spiritual world. She helped people all over the globe, to discover their true potential and how to heal themselves through self-belief.

You Can Heal Your Life

I had not read any of Louise Hay’s books, until this one. It came into my life when I most needed it, which these kinds of books often do. I have now read it twice in a short period of time. This book can be classed as the sequel to her other best-seller, Heal Your Body.

Throughout the book, she provides exercises that, when performed correctly, will change your life. I would definitely recommend reading this book a few times. The first time I read it, I was enthralled by the concepts offered. However, I didn’t feel I could do the exercises efficiently whilst reading it for the first time.

I decided to read it for a second time, and as I was aware of what was to come, I followed through with all the exercises. However, when I read it again, I picked up on things that I missed during the first read. I will definitely get round to reading it for a third time, as I know there is still much I can learn from Louise.

The book includes the list that was so imperative for the success of Heal Your body. It lists ailments in the body, the probable causes and affirmations, which can help with the healing process. An example of this is:


Acne             –     Not accepting the self        –    I am a Divine expression of life. I love and accept myself where I am right now.

Aches           –     Longing for love                  –    I love and approve of myself. I am loving and loveable.

These examples are just 2 of the many available to you. If you truly focus when reciting these affirmations, they will work fo you. You have to feel them and have NO DOUBT whilst affirming. If you do not truly believe in them, they WILL NOT work for you. I know so many people that have given up after a few days. My personal experiences are proof that having faith whilst repeating these affirmations, will bring you ultimate results.

My Rating: Fantastic concept by a fantastic author. Although we lost Louise recently, the legacy that she built, will live on through her publishing company and her amazing literature. You Can Heal your Life will do exactly what it says on the tin!

Susan Jeffers – She Has No Fear!

Susan Jeffers is an incredible author. She is best known for her books on how to eradicate fear. Susan is an international best-seller, whose concepts are simple yet so effective. Through her books, she shows you how to face and overcome your fears.

Her other titles include ‘Feel the Fear and Beyond’, ‘The Little Book of Confidence’ and ‘Feel the Fear Guide to Lasting Love’. Her fear series have given millions of people the tools needed to face the everyday reality of being scared.

Feel the Fear and do it Anyway

I had never come across her name or book, until just over a year ago. I had come so far on my spiritual journey, however, I was still holding back in certain aspects of my life. This is something that my wife had noticed. So, on my birthday, she got me a number of self-healing books. One of them was Feel the Fear and do it Anyway.

At the beginning of the book, Susan breaks down fears into levels. It is a great idea, as you can really relate to the way you have been feeling. As soon as I picked this book up, I was well and truly hooked. I often gasped, as I read, due to being able to relate to so many of the examples she had used.

Susan writes about the everyday fears that have the ability to hold us back and potentially destroy our lives. She stresses that a small fear can manifest into a monster fear, unless we face and deal with it. Put so simply, I started to incorporate her practices into my life. Little things that I previously would not even contemplate, I just did them without a thought. And guess what?…the world didn’t end! However, my confidence started to soar!

I knew that fear had been holding me back all these years, but I didn’t know the extent. After reading this book, my whole thought process evolved and I never let fear dictate my life again.

My Rating: If fear is holding you back from evolving and living the life that you dream of, acquire this book because you need it. It will help you overcome your ego, which it the driving force behind fear.


What These Books Can Do For You

Over the course of 2 articles, I have carefully selected and reviewed 10 books for you. These books have helped me on my spiritual journey, and continue to do so. These kind of books are drawn to the reader. If you are not quite ready for teachings of this magnitude, then you will not come across them, however, even if you happen to catch a glimpse of them in a bookstore, or whilst browsing on the net, it means you are ready.

Once this occurs, make sure you take it at your own pace. Let your inner guide be your compass. If you let go and just allow yourself to be guided, you will be taken to a whole new world, which instills confidence, positivity, seeing the glass as half full and so much more. Your life will immediately begin to change.

These spiritual gurus have provided all the tools you need, to live a better and more fulfilling life. They help you to go out there and become the person that you thought you could only dream of becoming. Exercising for the mind is really important for your overall well-being and is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. So if you feel drawn to these books, listen to that gut feeling, take a chance and change your life.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any questions and/or comments, please leave them in the box below. I will definitely get back to you. Stay safe and Keep well.

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    • What a lovely comment! I definitely agree re the Law of Attraction. Those with the awareness to ensure it works in the right way are very blessed. Thank you.


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