Exercising for the Mind – Let Books be Your Guide – Part 1

As mentioned in my previous article, exercising the mind is imperative for success in life. Most people think that training means lifting weights, going to gym classes, or even going for a swim. Yes, these are great ways to get fit and to improve your body but how is your mind going to reap the benefits.

By neglecting your mind, you are inevitably reducing your physical gains. Not only this, but overall well being is suffering. Our minds are our greatest asset. A lazy mind means no advancement in your life and also can lead to degenerative dis-eases. We need to ensure that our minds have time to de-stress and are not always peppered with tasks that need completing.

In this article I am going to review a number of amazing books that will train your mind to, not only remain in a calm state, amongst chaos, but also to enhance your every day activities. Gratitude and appreciation are the key to a happy life. Looking in the mirror and always critcising yourself is the worst thing you can do. Not only does it affect your self-confidence, but it also makes your soul cry. This is a recipe for disaster.

Of course most of us want to be in great shape, but first we have to appreciate and acknowledge the shape we are currently in. Be happy with yourself in the now and the rest will take care of itself. I have gone through a roller coaster of emotions, when it comes to my physique.

I have been my own worst enemy, and it took me 40 years to realise that. I would work so hard on my body, only to keep getting injured but now I have learned that the only way to increase the physical gains is to appreciate myself now and to be mentally strong. Tools such as meditation go a long way to helping us do this.

I first got into meditation after I got divorced. That’s right, I’m not ashamed of my past. My past has helped me become who I am today! At first meditation was such a difficult tool to utilise. I had so much going on in my mind. My first experience was in Glastonbury. This has got to be one of the most spiritual places I have been too. The energy is out of this world, almost Godly!

I went on a retreat for 3 days, and let me tell you, it was one of the most soul fulfilling experiences of my life. It changed me for the better. From this day forward I was on a great path. However, I was no way the finished article. In fact, in some ways, it was slightly more confusing because I was conflicted. On one hand I had the serenity inside me, and on the other there was anger and fear. This all happened 10 years ago. During those 10 years I continued to get injured but it was because of the fear I was withholding.

I can now unequivocally say that all the experiences I have had had led me to realise the potential of my body and how to train without fear. Training with fear takes away your confidence, which makes you unsure of yourself. You are always second guessing yourself and that leads to lack of focus when performing exercise. And we all know what the by-product of lack of focus is, yes, injury!

The tools that helped me overcome this fear and uncertainty were spiritual books by the likes of Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks, Gabrielle Bernstein and others. They explain everything so simply, that it’s hard not to read on. Books take our minds away from mediums such as television and video games. Without knowing, when watching television we get sucked into societies negative messages. Some of us watch the news 3 times per day, so you tell me what the inevitable result is!

The media are there to tell you the worst of the worst. They will very rarely tell you a feel good story that will melt your heart. This is one of the main reasons that I got into reading books. You just feel a sense of inner piece when you pick a book up and delve into the descriptive words. There is nothing quite like, sitting back in a quiet place and reading a good book. Exercising the mind is just as important as exercising the body!

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Wayne Dyer – The Master Himself

Wayne Dyer is often referred to as the Godfather of spirituality. His teachings are known and followed by millions across the globe. He died in 2015, however, his legacy lives on, and in fact, is getting stronger, as spirituality practices sweep across the world. Wayne Dyer wrote over 40 books on the subject of spirituality. His aim was to help people see that we are “spiritual beings, having a human experience”, instead of the common misconception that we were “human beings having a spiritual experience”.

Wayne Dyer started me on my magical spiritual journey. It was an awe-inspiring conversation I heard between him and the great Tony Robbins. I still remember the day that I heard this conversation. I literally stopped in my tracks and had to pinch myself, due to what I was hearing. Their conversation made me realise that the universal thoughts I was having, centered around love, forgiveness, compassion, were the start of a great transformation.

Once I realised this, I began receiving signs from the Universe. They were both subtle and loud and took me further towards Wayne Dyer’s teachings. This attracted my first Wayne Dyer book, which in turn led me to more of his literacy gems.

Your Erroneous Zones – Escape Negative Thinking

Your Erroneous Zones was Dr. Wayne Dyer’s first mainstream book. Funny fact about this book was that it was often mistaken for a book about sexuality, due to the misreading of erroneous. People used to read it as erogenous zones.

Getting back to this amazing read. The purpose of this book was to try to break you out of your self-destructive patterns. We often repeat these behaviours, sometimes without even realising it. They become habitual, which then become difficult to change.

These destructive patterns are known as ‘erroneous zones’. Once you start to read this book, you will learn so much about yourself. You have to be willing to put your hand up and admit that these patterns need to be addressed, in order for you to change your life. But, if you have been attracted to this book, it means you are ready.

Dr. Dyer gives you the tools you need to break out of these self-harming patterns. Whether it be self-image or confidence issues, over-reliance on others and the need to seek approval from those around you, the methods offered by this book will allow you to step out of your comfort zone, and lead the life that you want to.

My Rating: This is one at the forefront of my bookshelf. It was the one that introduced us all to Wayne Dyer. It is a fantastic book for those lacking self-esteem. As I mentioned, this book will find you and once it does, it means you are ready for the transformation.

Wishes Fulfilled – Manifest Your Desires

This book exists for one sole reason. It’s one purpose is to help you to realise all your desires. Reading this book introduced me to the art of manifestation. Wishes fulfilled takes you on a journey of self-love and knowing. Belief is one thing, KNOWING is completely different.

Once I picked this book up, I could not put it down. It mesmerises you to the point you think you are part of the book. The way manifestation is explained is extraordinary. Even if you have never read a book before, picking this for your first read will change your life.

The way Wayne Dyer writes, draws you in to this magical spiritual world. By practicing specific techniques of retraining your subconscious mind, you are taught how to master the manifesting technique. You will also learn how to live every day, with your higher self guiding you.

My Rating:
Wonderful introduction to your higher self. Not only will you learn the art of manifestation, but you will be taken on a wonderful journey, guided by your higher self. A MUST read.

Excuses Begone! – Change Self-Defeating Thinking Habits

This is the most recent Wayne Dyer book that I have had the pleasure of reading. Dr. dyer will load you up with the tools to change all those self-defeating thinking patterns that have burdened your growth. Once you have this in your collection you will be able in improve every part of your life. You will achieve levels of success, happiness and health, that you did not think were possible.

You will be made accountable for all the excuses that you use in everyday life. You will be introduced to a collection of both conscious and subconscious excuses employed by way too many of us. You will learn new skills, which will allow you to apply careful thought out questions to any excuse, which will then lead the way through the steps of a new theory.

As time goes by, you will apply these new skills on an everyday basis. Eventually you will find that you are not making excuses anymore. You will be able to stand up and deal with life in a more certain and positive manner. You will realise that there are no excuses that can be defended. Even the ones that have been common in your life will disappear. No more excuses, just happiness and joy.

My Rating:
You really can’t go wrong with any of Wayne’s books. You will find that there is a lesson to be learnt from all of his teachings. Just when you think you have read everything this master has to offer, he pulls out another masterpiece.

Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life – Living the Wisdom of the Tao

The Tao is something Wayne Dyer used to refer to often. He believed that this ancient text was the key to living our best life. The Tao De Ching is a fundamental text for both philosophical and religious Taoism. Legend has it, that the Tao Te Ching was authored by Lao Tzu. His was said to be a prophet, who was also the keeper of the imperial archives in the ancient capital of Luoyang.

This ancient text was said to be spiritual gold and those who followed it, would lead a harmonious life. It has been translated into many languages but the way Wayne Dyer has broken it down, is phenomenol..

In this book he has reviewed hundreds of translations of the Tao Te Ching, and has written 81 distinct essays on how to apply the wisdom of Lao Tzu. His spent a year reading and meditating on the teachings of this spiritual guru. His always said that he felt Lao Tzu was guiding him whilst writing. This allowed him to really zone in on the teachings of this great ancient master.

Wayne implores the reader to concentrate on one essay per day. It is a lot to take in, so each essay must have your full attention. This book will change the way you look at everything around you. Your life will change and you will forever be inspired by the ‘small things in life’.

My Rating: A spiritual masterpiece. My wife purchased this for me. The funny thing is, I hadn’t even realised until I saw it on the bookcase. This is proof that the teacher comes to you when you are ready. Truly a stunning and masterful piece of literature. This is a must for anyone wanting to lead a happy and blissful life.

There are so many amazing spiritual texts that have helped me, I had to ensure that this review included all of them. This is now the end of part 1. Please read on in part 2, for some more inspirational content…

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any questions and/or comments, please leave them in the box below. I will definitely get back to you. Stay safe and Keep well.


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  2. Interesting read about how to exercise our minds.  You are so right in saying the mind is our greatest asset if we don’t take care of it, it will fail us at some point. While we are busy pursuing our dreams we also need to declutter our minds as well if we want this machine to continue operating efficiently and effectively.  

    I’ve heard of Doctor Wayne Dyer but have never taken the time to read his books. I’d love to read “your erroneous zone”. It sounds intriguing. Thank you for sharing this article.


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