Exercise with Video Games – Get Fit with a Games Console

When it comes to fitness, we automatically think of weights, cardio, calisthenics, cross-fit, etc. Seldom do we think of games consoles. In today’s world, games consoles have taken over the lives of, not only teenagers but adult’s too. Many of us spend hours on computers and consoles.

Many people will sit there for hours on end in their gaming chairs, watching the day turn into night (without even realising). When I first discovered games consoles, they were not that popular. I mean I am talking about the days of the SNES, N64 and Sega Mega Drive. Games such as Mario Kart, Sonic and Golden Axe would keep me busy for hours. However, those days, we would be playing outside a lot more (geez, I sound old!).

How often do you spend on your games console? Does it take over your life, and what do you use it for? These are some of the questions that will be addressed in today’s article. Nowadays, fitness is everywhere. Everyone wants that aesthetically pleasing body, but how many of you do not want to put the work in! So many people have treadmills, ellipticlas, bikes, rowers, etc, but how many of you are using them as coat hangers, or have them just to say “I have them”.


What Can a Games Console do for my Fitness?

Most households have a games console, and most consoles have DVD players, or offer fitness games. For example the Nintendo Wii Fit was a pioneer in its genre. We had never seen anything like this before. It caught on really quickly, and before too long, it was in almost every household.

Games consoles can make getting in shape fun. I find getting and staying in shape a lot of fun, so it doesn’t’t take much motivation to get me to train. However, as my wife says, I may be one of the crazies! If you find it difficult to get motivated, then games may be just what you are looking for.

All consoles offer fitness games that will definitely put you through your paces. Nintendo offer Ring fit Adventure, Xbox offers Shape Up, the PS4 offers Boxvr. These are just a few of the titles offered by these giants. The different consoles and games will be reviewed in my next article.

Alternative to ‘Standard’ Fitness

If performing push ups and burpees are not for you, then there are alternatives available. Just because you do not enjoy these standard fitness moves, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get fit. Don’t use that old excuse! If you seriously want to get into shape, then why not dance your way to fitness.

Dancing is an incredible way to burn calories. Not only this, but you can achieve an incredible physique with dancing. It will tone you, increase your muscular strength and endurance and take you to levels of fitness, you never thought were possible. To top it all off, dancing is incredible fun, for you and your family. I have partaken in some of Shaun T’s dance DVDs, and the burn you get from them is out of this world.

Most of us love to dance, whether it is behind closed doors, with a stand in hairbrush for a microphone, or on a night out with friends. I remember the days (there we go again, sounding like an old man), when I used to go out just to get my groove on. I just loved to let loose on the dance floor. By the end of the night I had probably lost 10 pounds.

The great thing about dancing to get fit, is you don’t realise where the time goes. You are putting so much effort into following the moves that time goes out of the window. Games like Just Dance are absolutely fantastic for any age range. The whole family can take part.

In the Comfort of Your Own Home

The great thing about using a games console is you can add it to your home workout routine. For example, you can dance twice a week, box twice a week and you have a whole calorie smashing 4 day routine. It’s literally as easy as that. If you are ever feeling stuck with things to do during the kids’ holidays, they can join in with the fitness routine too. There are so many fun fitness games on each and every console.

As an advocate of training within your four walls, I really rate games consoles for this use. OK, so I sometimes use mine for Pro Evolution Soccer but I mostly use it to play DVD workout videos. So not only can you purchase fitness games, you can also workout to your favourite fitness DVD.

Consoles are space savers too, as they double up. This means that you don’t have to purchase a separate DVD player. I know streaming has become very popular now but, I for one, love having the authentic DVD to hand.

The Different Consoles – So Much Choice

Now comes the difficult choice. You have decided to go all out and purchase a console for the family. You ask yourself, which one will my kids enjoy? Which one has the best games for them? Which one has the best fitness games? So many questions. Well I have saved you the hard work. I have reviewed the different consoles and the best fitness games for you and your family. Click here to view these reviews.

The most popular consoles are:

  • The Xbox One
  • The PS4
  • The Nintendo Switch

These consoles offer so much more than just your average video game. If used correctly, they can be a gateway into a new and exciting world of fitness.

Games Consoles For Fitness – To Be or Not To Be?

Definitely to be! Most households now have at least one games console. We live in an ever-changing world. Fitness can now be streamed to your phone, played on a DVD player, or played on your games consoles. The majority of the population have phones, and DVDs can be played on a games console, so why not cover all bases.

The fitness games available are not just for the body. There are titles that help with memory, arithmetic and so much more. These games can keep your mind sharp. If you combine the mental with the physical, you will no doubt have a winning combination.

I can almost guarantee that your games console will add value to your daily life. As long as you do not sit there playing mindless games all day, and you use it to enhance your life via fitness games, both for your physical and mental well-being, then you can not go wrong. Whichever one you choose, they all have something for everyone.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any questions and/or comments, please leave them in the box below. I will definitely get back to you. Stay safe and Keep well.

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