Your Body is Your Temple

When training at home, there is so much more you can achieve. I’m not just talking about physical and aesthetic results, I’m actually referring to pre-workout and post-workout care. You are also in a position to treat any niggles you may have. Pre-workout routines should consist of warming the muscles up correctly, so they are ready to be used in an intense routine.

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Getting Through Lockdown – Adapting your Exercise Routine

It’s been almost 6 months since we had lockdown in the UK. I feel it could have gone either way for my family and I. The government left nearly 3 million people without help and we fell in with those excluded. However, we didn’t dwell on it, we just tried to think of ways to combat it. Everyone was going through a hard time, but the ones that would come out OK, were the ones that tried to shed some positive light on what was a horrific situation.

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