It’s All in the Timing – Be Smart

When working out, whether it be at home or at the gym, it is great to be able to record workout data. This data allows us to monitor our progress, which in turn lets us analyse areas that we need to improve. When I was growing up (there I go again, sounding like an old man!), I did not have access to this data. Yes, I could record it on a piece of paper but even mobile phones were like bricks, and didn’t have the data capacity to store such information.

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Exercise with Video Games – Get Fit with a Games Console

When it comes to fitness, we automatically think of weights, cardio, calisthenics, cross-fit, etc. Seldom do we think of games consoles. In today’s world, games consoles have taken over the lives of, not only teenagers but adult’s too. Many of us spend hours on computers and consoles.

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A Guide to Supplements – Which Ones do You Need?

Supplementation is a controversial topic amongst many. People tend to be divided on the benefits of supplementing. There is much confusion when it comes to taking these products. What needs to be remembered is the word itself. It is rather self explanatory. The definition of supplement is “a thing added to something else, in order … Read more

Resistance Workout Bands or Dumbbells – Great for Home Exercise

When it comes to exercising from home, you have plenty of  equipment options. We have already discussed the benefits of kettlebells, so let’s have a look at some other tools you could incorporate into your home workouts. Two very popular tools are resistance workout bands and dumbbells. Resistance bands can come in different formats (something … Read more