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Hi everyone and welcome to my Home Exercise Equipment website. I have been a fitness professional for 15 years. Fitness is a true passion of mine, as I love helping people achieve their goals. Sometimes, it is difficult to get to a gym, either because of factors such as traffic or just not wanting to train in front of other people.

When I first went to the gym, I felt intimidated because there were so many people there and they all seemed to know what they were doing. The machines were full, and people looked at me and knew I was a “newbie” right away. That’s when I first looked into Home Exercising.

I want you to be able to find the right equipment for your specified workout and at great prices.

When I began working out at home, I found it difficult to get the right equipment at the right prices, however my knowledge and experience will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

My Gym Life

After a few gym sessions, I realised 2 things. I loved working out, but I wasn’t a particular fan of gyms. Obviously, this is a preference but they were not for me. My brother was the one who introduced me to the gym, so for years I went with him. I always preferred to go with a buddy. However, if my gym buddy was unavailable, what would I do?

Against my better judgement, I would more often than not skip a session. Lucky for me that my gym buddies would rarely let me down! This is when I started researching into home equipment. The problem was, I had no quick way of comparing prices and the best equipment to buy for my particular goal. Whether it was a squat rack, or a set of dumbbells, buying them was a long and drawn out process because I was so unsure of what to buy.

I knew that I could achieve my goals, through hard work and having the right home equipment. Anything is possible with a positive mental attitude!

People Want to Workout at Home

Nowadays, getting and staying fit is more important than ever. With obesity rates rising and people suffering with all kinds of illnesses, we are making exercise part of our daily routine. However, the majority of us work a 9 – 5 job, which means we either go to the gym very early morning, or we go straight after work. Either time can be a daunting experience, due to early starts or getting caught with the after work madness.

My Home Gym

This is why the game is changing and people want to workout at home. With garden summerhouses popping up, and spare bedrooms being used, the day of the home gym is definitely upon us.

Make Home Exercising Exciting and Effective

My ultimate goal is to help you find the perfect equipment for working out at home. If your goal is losing weight, you will be able to find the perfect cardio and strength package. Or if you want to bulk up, you will find the perfect weight set and bench. I will provide reviews of the equipment, to ensure you get the equipment you deserve.

I will also delve into the mindset and how this effects training. So, it isn’t just about training your body, as the mind is just as, if not more, important than training the body alone.

So have a look around and start building your own home gym. Exciting times ahead! I wish you good luck with your fitness goals, and remember, if you ever need a hand, or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Before I Leave to Write Amazing Content for you…

As well as training at home, I predominantly run my fitness business from my abode. During the COVID-19 pandemic, my business took a bit of a hit. This was due to the whole social distancing rules that were put into place. No longer could I train people, not because of adhering to the rules, but because people developed so much fear about getting close to others.

This was one of the factors that led me to creating this website. It also led me to another avenue that I was interested in for a while. However, I did not know how to get started. This avenue was affiliate marketing. This website has been created using the help of the amazing guys at Wealthy Affiliate. They have helped me every step of the way and I have created a site that I would not have even dreamt of this time last year. It’s also an amazing way to create an income from home. For more information, please click on the banner below:


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